Sisters. Wellness Advocates. Real Estate Agents.

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Meet Brittany and Christa
Sisters with a Shared Philosophy
"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."
All good things come from the earth.

These aren’t just words to us – they’re a philosophy we live by. And we are passionate about encouraging others to live this way, too. From organic foods to holistic remedies, there’s an abundance of resources at our very own feet. Whether it’s in our home or in our bodies, we believe that natural is better. That’s why we created this blog. Our mission is to advocate for wellness in our local communities and create a forum for other like-minded individuals to share their favorite products, places and experiences.

Sisters. Wellness Advocates. Real Estate Agents.
On Left: Brittany On Right: Christa
Brittany Ursini

I’m a mother, a wife and a dog lover. I’m passionate about making healthy decisions for my family and influencing others around me to do the same. Happiest when I’m outdoors, especially by a body of water, enjoying a delicious meal (and probably a glass of biodynamic wine!) and surrounded by the people I love. My wellness journey began at a young age. Since the day I started making my own decisions about what food to eat and what products to use on my body, I’ve had an obsession with organic products. I was an athlete for most of my life and still maintain the same drive to stay active and a healthy dose of competitiveness (just ask my husband, Doug). I enjoy all types of activity, from CrossFit, to yoga, to indoor rock climbing. I was born in Connecticut, but my family moved to Florida when I was young. I know, I know – I was SO lucky to live in the Sunshine State, right? I get it all the time. But something was always pulling me back to Connecticut and the Northeast. I mean, how could I possibly live without fall in my life?! So, after college, I finally made my way back up here. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now live in Greenwich with my family and have immersed myself in this amazing community. And now my goal is to share my passion for wellness with the people around me and create a forum for other like-minded individuals to do the same.

Some of My Favorite Products Right Now:
Primally Pure

A relatively new company, Primally Pure provides completely non-toxic and natural beauty products that actually work! My favorite products are the charcoal deodorant and the Fancy Face Serum.


From cleaning products to baby care, this Austin based company provides natural, safe and effective products with no harsh chemicals. I love their baby shampoo!

Serenity Kids

What you feed your kids at a young age is SO important! Serenity Packs are easy to eat and contain pasture raised and grass fed meats, healthy fats, and organic vegetables. My son loves them!

Some of my Favorite Local Spots:
South Bay

A relatively new Greenwich hotspot, this restaurant offers fresh and locally sourced ingredients in a hip yet relaxed setting.

Granola Bar

Found in both Fairfield and Westchester counties, this chain offers everything from smoothies to avocado toast, with an assortment of vegan options. But the main reason I go here is the coffee!

Whole Foods

Cliche, I know! But I have yet to find a better place for natural and organic food options. And now with Amazon Prime, I can get these products delivered to my door. You can’t beat that!

Christa Ursini

I’ve always been the creative one. It started with drawing and painting as a kid, decided to become a graphic designer and art director, and now I love being creative in the kitchen with unique and healthy recipes. My journey with wellness has been a progressive one. Since I can remember, I’ve experienced headaches and migraines. Over the years they became increasingly worse, leaving me bed ridden for days at a time. In an effort to combat these, I switched to a functional medicine doctor, integrated new wellness practices and adjusted my diet (side note- try going to your Italian family dinners and telling them you’ve eliminated gluten and dairy from your diet). I wholeheartedly believe in a natural and holistic approach – from nutrition to products to healing. Each day I feel that I’m learning something new about my health and gaining incredible tools for my well-being. Because of my journey and the progress I’ve made, I feel passionate to share what I have learned and discovered with others so they can also achieve their optimal health. I’m also really into personal development – whether it be podcasts, reading, visualization or meditation, I am constantly seeking ways to make myself better. And I love staying active. You can find me in a hot yoga studio, a HIIT class, or hiking with my dog, Shea. Living in Westchester County provides me with endless opportunities to explore. I’m constantly in search of new trails, restaurants and fun activities. I’m a regular at the local farmer’s market and enjoy experimenting with fresh and local ingredients in my kitchen.

Some of My Favorite Products Right Now:
One Love Organics

Non-toxic and all natural skin products. I am obsessed with the Botanical B Cleansing Oil!


I recently have been focused on purifying my drinking water to avoid contaminants and metals. The AquaGear pitcher removes 2000% more than other filters and I have tasted a significant difference! The filter is made in the USA, BPA free, 100% recyclable and 100% vegan. Plus for every filter purchase they provide 6 months of clean water to someone in need!

Primal Kitchen

Primal products are full of clean ingredients that add flavor without using dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar or soy. They are a staple in my household, whether it’s one of their dressings, marinades, or condiments, Primal usually finds its way into my dishes!

Some of my Favorite Local Spots:

A great spot to start your day. My go-to is the Bullet with Oat Milk and the 24K Muffin.

Found Herbal

I could spend hours in this store. Handmade herbal remedies that make the perfect gift!


Features farm-to-fork cuisine and biodynamic wine. Their outdoor seating is super spacious and dog friendly. Then you can finish the night with a stroll on the Riverwalk.

What We Do

We’ve always been close as sisters. We went to college together (Go Terps!), moved back up north together and now we’re starting a business together. We grew up around real estate. Our father is a real estate builder and developer and our mother is an agent, so you can say it’s in our blood. Prior to becoming real estate agents, both of us had busy and demanding corporate jobs in the real estate industry. We were very fortunate to have these careers and experiences, but something was also pulling us to team up and become real estate agents. We love being involved in our local communities and helping people through important changes in their lives. Our passion for real estate is equally matched by our enthusiasm for wellness. Our mission is to promote a holistic lifestyle, educate and inspire others to embrace their own wellbeing and be the go-to source for local wellness spots, tips and recipes in the local community. We are so happy you are joining us in this journey!