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Eliminate Chronic Pain and Enjoy an Active Life
The Egoscue Method
“Pain is not something to be feared; it is something to be understood.”

– Pete Egoscue, Founder of the Egoscue Method  


We’ve all experienced aches and pains, whether it be our knees, neck or back. When visiting a traditional doctor, they will typically prescribe some sort of pain medication to alleviate any symptoms. While this may help get rid of the pain temporarily, it does not help to identify the root cause of such pain.


At Egoscue, they believe that to feel better, you must focus on the source of your pain. Egoscue’s mission is to correct the postural imbalances that are the root of ongoing discomfort. No medication, no surgery.  We spent a day with the people of Egoscue Westchester to find out exactly how this method works.  Plus, don’t forget to download our free resource so you can begin your journey to pain-free living!

Egoscue’s Philosophy & Method

At Egoscue, balance is everything. Egoscue therapists are considered postural alignment specialists. They work one-on-one with clients to examine the entire body and determine which muscles are not working properly and creating an imbalance in the body. Egoscue believes that doing their assigned e-cises daily will enhance an individual’s ability to sleep better, exercise more effectively, and live an overall better life. 

Posture Evaluation & Functional Testing

The analysis starts with a posture evaluation by taking photos of the client from all sides and viewing which areas of their body are misaligned. Once these photos are placed into the program, a rating system defines the top imbalance to address. Next comes functional tests which allow the therapist to observe movements and look for compensations and dysfunctions. One of these tests is a balance test in which the person stands straight with their feet together and then closes their eyes. (Try this yourself and see if you lean to a certain side once your eyes are closed!)

Posture Evaluation
The first step was to take a visual of where my posture currently stands. For me, my hips were too far forward.
Menu of E-Cises

Based on the results of these tests, your therapist will compile a menu of exercises, called “e-cises”, which are to be performed every day. There are over 500 e-cises in the system and the therapist will choose the best suited for each client. At your visit, your therapist will guide you through each e-cise on your menu so you understand the movement and what each is working to correct. At the end of your session, you once again go through the photo alignment evaluation to see how the menu has impacted your posture. You’d be surprised to see the changes already! And of course, your photo evaluations and menu of e-cises are sent home with you so you can easily integrate these into your daily routine.

On My Menu: Arm Circles
After your evaluation and testing, a menu of e-cises is created specifically for your needs. The arm circles worked to get my shoulders back under my hips.
Combating the Culture

Modern day jobs often lead to a sedentary and stressful lifestyle. Sitting in itself is not always harmful, but Egoscue believes in improving how a person sits. In viewing sitting as a sport, Egoscue has reverse engineered the bodily mechanics of sitting to determine how to make the body most capable to sit without negatively affecting posture. This includes bending at the hips, sitting evenly, and allowing the upper and lower spine to move freely. 
Our culture also has limiting beliefs when it comes to pain management and prefer to rely on surgery or medication. Egoscue’s goal is to change the way people view pain and provide the tools to understand and alleviate such pain, empowering clients with the knowledge to understand their own bodies.

Ready to Try?

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, or just want to learn more about maintaining postural balance, you can schedule a consultation with an Egoscue therapist near you. With over 25 locations, and one located conveniently in Purchase, New York, it’s easy to get started. You can also find them on Instagram (@egoscue_westchester) and Facebook. 



Whether you are a mom carrying your kids, an office worker with long hours at a desk, or a commuter on the train, there are a few e-cises that are beneficial to your everyday living. These e-cises are easy to do anywhere and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. We’ve put together four e-cises that work towards a better sit. Fill in the form below to receive your free resource!